Rex's 備忘錄

Debian install XMR-STAK


If you want to use your GPU for mining, do the following-
for AMD GPU’s-

Install drivers for your card

download the latest APP SDK from here. It should have the name AMD-APP-SDKInstaller-v(version number)-GA-linux64.tar.bz2

Extract it

Open the terminal wherever it is located

(optional) name it to something simpler

In the terminal, type ./(name).sh

After installing, you should be good.

for nVidia GPU’s-

Install drivers for your card

Download the latest CUDA Toolkit from here.

Download the base installer and follow the compilation instructions

Download every patch one-by-one in order and apply the patches

After that, you should be good.

Open the terminal and install dependencies by running this command-

sudo apt install libmicrohttpd-dev libssl-dev cmake build-essential libhwloc-dev

Clone the package-

git clone

To remove donations, type-

gedit xmr-stak/xmrstak/donate-level.hpp


`constexpr double fDevDonationLevel = 2.0 / 100.0;`

`constexpr double fDevDonationLevel = 0.0 / 100.0;`
Make a directory-

mkdir xmr-stak/build

Move over there-

cd xmr-stak/build

Run cmake-

cmake ..

If you don’t have nVidia GPUs, type-

`cmake .. -DCUDA_ENABLE=OFF`
If you don’t have AMD GPUs, type-

`cmake .. -DOpenCL_ENABLE=OFF`
If you have neither (only CPU mining) type-

Finish building it-

make install

XMR-Stak will now be located in /home/user/xmr-stak/build/bin

In the terminal, type-

ccmake ..

(install if not installed, sudo apt install cmake-curses-gui)

Using the Up and Down arrows, scroll to the 2nd page. Then, on XMR-STAK_CURRENCY, press enter to change it to turtlecoin (if needed, you can make personal tweaks by reading the descriptions of each value).

Once you're done, press c and then g on your keyboard.


sysctl -w vm.nr_hugepages=128


Check XMR-Stak Setup and Configuration

If you see something like this, that means it’s working!

MONERO XMR 換現金方法 XMR要怎麼換成台幣


1. 註冊 "幣安" ,將XMR轉到幣安,然後去交易 XMR->BTC

2. 註冊 "幣託" ,帳號要升級到B或A才能賣出BTC與提領現金,並綁定銀行帳號,將BTC轉到幣託,賣出後即可